Classes curriculum

Age and time of child for each class:

Pre school/Reception age 3.5-5 45min
Pre primary/year1 age 5-6 45min
Primary/year2 age 6-7 45min
Grade1/year3 age 7-8 45min
Grade2/year4 age 8-9 45min
Grade3/year5 age 9-10 60min
Grade4/year6+ age 10-11+ 60/75min


Age of child for each class is a general indication. Exceptions can be made due to child’s ability/emotional maturity and/or parents/carers availability.

The emphasis is on proper technique and performance style in accordance with the body’s stage of development. The method caters to any student – whether considering dance as a
career or just for enjoyment. Subjects included in each class level are ballet, character and free-movement.

For determined/ambitious children, the school will be able to offer exams and presentation classes at Royal Academy of Dance starting from Pre-Primary.
The study for the examinations provides students with the ability to demonstrate practical knowledge, increases self-confidence, learn to memorise sequences of movement and an awareness of working with others.

Ballet for Pre-School age 3.5-5: Young children explore the joy of movement and learn to work

Ballet for Pre-Primary-Primary age 5-7: The foundation for a lifelong love of dance, good
fitness, grace, and poise.

Ballet for G1-G4 age 7-11: Introduction of formal barre and centre training in the classical

Ballet for G5 + age 11+ (by ability): Continuation of formal barre, centre training in the
classical technique and introduction to pointe.

Intermediate (by ability): Continuation of work in barre, centre and pointe and introduction of variations.

Advanced (by ability): Continuation of barre, centre, pointe and variations, with a goal of
preparing the dancer for professional performance.

Pointe work, variations, and partnering are introduced to each student when they are deemed ready.

The school also offers

Non-Syllabus Ballet Classes: are a fantastic way to learn a wider range of dance
vocabulary providing technical development for the student. Exercises are created by the teacher, rather than being part of a set syllabus.

Adult Ballet Classes: Just the right exercise for adults who love the disciplined workout of
careful stretching coupled with the elegance of classical ballet.

Ballet Floor-Barre: This is a special Ballet technique on the floor, based on The Boris
Kniaseff method.  The exercises will be done sitting, on the back, stomach, and sometimes on the side. It’s for dancers to prepare, maintain and dance well, but it’s also for those
interested in general body fitness. The method gives you arm and leg co-ordination, it sculpts your leg muscles in a healthy way, and it strengthens your core to re-establish the lower and the upper part of the body.

Pointe Workout Classes: will prepare you for and work with pointe, but will also be useful for anyone wanting to strengthen the muscles in their legs (particularly lower legs) and
improve their strength and flexibility, thus avoiding injuries. So, even if you have no desire to wear pointe shoes for dance, this class will still be very effective.

Contemporary Dance Classes: are a style of expressive dance that combines
elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It can be performed to many different styles of music. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements, focusing instead on the expression of inner

Free Movement Dance: support the ballet technique and is also an excellent way of
developing musicality and expressive performance. It includes movements in common with other dance styles such as Natural Movement, Contemporary and Classical Greek Dance.

Character Dance: provide wider opportunities whilst contributing to the development of
technical and qualitative aspects similar to those required in classical ballet. The theatrical styles of the character dance are — Hungarian, Russian and Polish.

Private Lessons by appointment are available to assist students to perfect techniques, learn variations, rehearse choreography and prepare for exams and competitions. Also for amateurs who would love to get back and/or start and speed up their love for dance .

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